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Preparing for Surgery

  • Discontinue the use of NSAID's (Rimadyl, Vetprofen, Deramaxx, Metacam, aspirin) at least 1 week prior to surgery.
  • Schedule an appointment with your veterinarian to prepare any necessary x-rays or bloodwork and bring that information with you.
  • Starting at 9 pm the night before surgery, do not feed your pet. It is OK to offer your pet water.
  • The morning of surgery, give your pet any health-related medications (seizure medicine, thyroid medicine, etc).
  • Please plan to arrive at the office at 9 am the day of surgery. Your pet may or may not need to spend the night, depending on the surgery being performed. You are welcome to bring a favorite toy or blanket for your pet to help keep them comfortable. If your pet is on a special diet, please bring that food with you. Otherwise, we have regular pet food at the clinic.
  • The doctor will call you after surgery when your pet is awake from the anesthesia.
  • The technician and the doctor will go over discharge instructions the next morning when you pick your pet up. You will also be provided with the doctor's cell phone number for any follow-up questions that you may have.
  • Click here for a printable information sheet and here for printable driving directions
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