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Bone Fractures

This patient fractured her radius and ulna (forearm bones) after jumping out of a moving vehicle.

When your pet breaks a bone, it can be very scary and upsetting! Bone fractures can occur in young pets following minor trauma, or in adults following a major injury.  

Every fracture is unique and requires an individualized treatment plan. At MMVSRC, we employ bone plates, external fixators, pins, wire, and screws in order to repair various fractures.  

Your veterinarian will take a series of x-rays in order to best classify your pet's fracture and to help us develop a plan to repair the fracture. After surgery, we will take x-rays in order to evaluate the repair and set up a post-operative recovery plan.

This patient's fractured radius was repaired using a bone plate.

This fractured tibia (shin bone) was repaired using an external fixator.

This tibial tuberosity avulsion was repaired a tension-band technique.

This fractured femur (thigh bone) was repaired using a bone plate.

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